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About Us

About the Site:
Our website is dedicated primarily to humor and entertainment, all content should be treated as such. While we have many different authors creating content with different points of view, we all try to maintain the spirit of the website. Certain topics and opinions we share may be off putting to some, just try to keep in mind that although we may sound serious, it’s always in the name of comedy.

Facebook Content:
Yes we are using Facebook to power our websites feedback. We apologize for any problems it may cause you but we found it was the best solution for our website. Quite simply, the Facebook commenting system is something we are all familiar with and it allows you to receive notifications for your comments on our site directly on Facebook. Neat right? From our point of view it almost completely annihilates the spam a site like ours would usually attract, which is fantastic. It is to be noted that in some cases your comments may appear on Facebook as well as our site when the post you commented on is shared, thus, many people may see your comment.

The Team:
RZW Bot – Site news, contests, Admin stuff
R2-D10 – Part robot, all D10. With the dice rolls of a thousand wizards and warriors, the force is strong with this one.
Gandroid – The zombie Gandalf Data. Opinions strong as adamantium, funny bone the size of Montreal.