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Canadian Gender Laws ( Bill 89 )

So here is a mind fuck for all who yell about gender reassignment rights here in Canada. I talked a while ago about how it’s now law to call a person by their preferred gender pronoun, my joke being that I could be a woman tomorrow and force everyone to call me a woman or JAIL! True as that is, Well, it goes deeper than that. It also affects the children. WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

So, This means, if tomorrow your son or daughter (6-7 years old and up) expresses a desire to become the opposite sex, you are required by law to support them in their choice. What you want for your child does not matter anymore. If you refuse to support the child in their gender decision, it could be considered child abuse and the government could take your child from you. I imagine it would take a serious case for that to happen. Nevertheless, gender “choices” now require support.

Children can’t make those decisions. A person should be at least 25 in my opinion to make the transition between sexes. 25 is when the brain (in most cases) is fully developed. Until that point, well, you don’t know what the fuck you are doing. I sure as shit didn’t. And yeah there was a period in my life where I wanted to be a girl. They were always so nice and caring to each other, haha! But now I’m glad as fuck that I didn’t try. I’m super glad it wasn’t enforced by law… Not even to mention that 40% of people seeking gender reassignment and even the ones that get it, kill themselves. Forty fucking percent, dead.

Fucking shit, people…. This is what happens when you force an ideology. They take it too far and it hurts everyone.. We shouldn’t be doing this. They keep chipping away at free speech and redefining lawful actions until there’s nothing left. The way things are going I’m thinking in 20 years the Canadian government will force us all to wear some kind of genderless, raceless, religionless full body stocking and make any language regarding such illegal. Just so no minorities are offended.

Oh right, Community did that with their “Greendale Human Being”. This is where we are headed folks. Goodnight!

Posted by Gandroid
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