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Medical Fat-Shaming

“Connecticut College psychology professor Joan Chrisler is warning against doctors engaging in so-called “medical fat shaming” with their obese patients, which includes but is not limited to advising a patient to lose weight.” Is the first line of the above article (click photo to view article). Chrissler goes on to say that for the doctors to encourage people to lose weight is “mentally and physically harmful”.

Are you fucking kidding me?

How can this possibly be a thing?

It’s kind of like at some point society decided to “punk” me. Getting crazier and more off track with every month that passes. Whether I think this kind of thinking is crazy or not, it is certainly happening.

I’m hoping no doctor takes this seriously, I also hope no obese person listens to this and demands this behavior from their doctor. All logic tells me that no one would ever do such a thing but history tells me to ignore logic when it comes to my expectations from other people. Apparently Joan Chrisler has proven history again to be the victor. Being obese, besides all the vast medical implications involved, is just an incredibly limited life to live. Treating people like this as “beautiful just the way they are” is encouraging self destructive and life limiting behavior. It is “mentally and physically harmful” to use Joan’s words against her.

Cause lets face it people, If doctors can’t tell people their weight is a health risk then a mortician will. Stop the nonsense. Encourage your overweight loved ones to lose weight, if you care for them, then it is the right thing to do.

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