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Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

How do people find time to give a fuck? This is a very serious question to me.

Personally my lifestyle keeps me so busy that I don’t have time to care about politics or taxes or delving into heated arguments on social media and it’s already a toxic enough landscape that we don’t need to add to it. I know I’m not the only person, and I will be completely honest, I see these things on my facebook or twitter and (of course) I do care but when I start typing out a clear response to something that may have agitated me or rubbed me the wrong way, I usually delete it all and back away quietly. You see, I remember that responding to these things usually means I get pulled into a lengthy discussion or debate about something that often leads to hurt feelings or misunderstandings – or worse yet, the loss of respect or friendship from people that I see as a peer or even a loved one based purely on reactions to our differing opinions. Fuck that! I don’t have time for that shit, I have to go fucking cook supper for my kids, or pick them up for school or whatever. You get me?

I mean I get just as annoyed as everyone else when I see the annoying viral crap like the “cash me outside girl” or professional dickheads like pharma-bro Martin Shkreli (I affectionately call him “Scrotum”), but getting caught up talking about it on social media is just an exercise in futility. You waste your time in doing anything with the only exception being your initial reaction that part is practically involuntary. You just gotta facepalm (or laugh at/about stuff) and then move along. Arguing with your Auntie Shirley on Facebook isn’t going to do you any good or get you anywhere. Debating with social justice warriors is pointless, they always try to make you change for their betterment instead of changing the things inside themselves or enlightening themselves with a different perspective. Dickheads are stubborn like that.

Recently in my hometown they put in a rainbow crosswalk in the heart of the city to celebrate the LGBTQ community and holy fuck I have never seen a larger group of crybabies in my life. Every mouth breathing moron that felt like their opinion should matter came crawling from their caves and rallied to their personal agendas. I won’t single any one agenda out here because that’s not what this is about Im not a hypocrite (for the most part) and I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion even if they are ignorant idiots or well-spoken intellectuals. The leopard can’t change his spots and some people are just “old fashioned” in their beliefs. The issue I take with all of this is that it’s been over two fucking weeks and people are still bitching about it on social media and radio. Like get a fucking life and get over it! “Well my tax dollars are paying for…blah blah blah!”… listen this won’t be the first time or the last time that your taxes pay for something that you don’t particularly care for. You better strap on your helmet because it’s bound to be a rough life for you.

Often times nowadays I hear the millennials being referred to as “delicate snowflakes” by the harder speaking generations that came before because of their social justice agendas and their going to bat for what they believe in. At the same time I see these rougher opinions and old-fashioned folks (fucking old people amirite!?) pissing and moaning about how they don’t understand this up and coming generation and the trends and ever-changing society. I do it too, on both sides of the fence. Nobody is innocent in this and we all get swept up in it because that’s how the majority of us are wired. The difference is how we approach it and get involved. Personally I don’t engage it because I don’t have time to be posting and debating on Facebook, I would rather use my free time for my kids, or doing one of a hundred things I never have time to get done hell I would rather burn up my time playing a video game or reading a fucking book!

If you want to get all upset and tap out a hateful response on social media nobody is going to stop you, but you should also be aware that nobody really gives a fuck except your Aunt Shirley and maybe that one other guy who briefly posted “true dat” in the comments. You will look stupid for doing it and likely regret it once the dogpile of rhetoric starts funneling back at you. It shouldn’t be worth a minute of your time, but then again some people are just trolls and have absolutely nothing better to do these people are definitely best avoided.

What I am saying is that your time is more valuable. Or at least it should be. Honestly, how the hell does anyone have time to engage in a 2 week debate on a social media thread? Unless your job is to debate and defend that thing, you can do much more valuable things with your time. I just don’t have time to give a fuck. Well what I really mean is that I don’t have time for people’s bullshit. My kids want to build Lego or go see a movie or go to the swimming pool. I am not going to prioritize my life to place emphasis on social agendas or misunderstandings. Maybe that will change as I enter into senior citizen stage lord knows I already have a bit of a get off my lawn attitude.

Please don’t argue with people that don’t see eye-to-eye with you, your chances of changing their opinion is extremely slim. If you want to engage people on social media, use humor or positivity. Even that can have negative results not everyone is going to appreciate what you appreciate, humor included. Most importantly, save your breath and time and if you really want to debate people then do it in the proper time and place. Social media isn’t that. Or at least it’s not the best place for it because it just makes you look like a self-important, uber-sensitive dumbass no matter how smart and well thought out your points might be. Look, no matter what, somebody is going to disagree and engaging in that disagreement is just going to cause you stress and turmoil you don’t need in your life.

It’s cool you care about social topics, but debating anybody on Facebook makes you look like a complete asshole whether you are right or not. It’s a no-win situation. Save the energy for those people and things that you care about. Thanks for listening/reading!

Posted by R2d10
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