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Oh… hey there! I’m sure by now some of you may have heard we are back! Pretty exciting. It’s nice to have the creative thoughts flowing again. Putting them on paper… open up the floodgates so to speak. Its been a few years of a gaming dry spell and I’m gradually getting my groove back. Not just gaming though, its across the board. See I’m responsible for little humans, and they have attitudes sometimes and I’m a single parent on top of that. So gaming isn’t exactly a priority anymore. Or at least it wasn’t until these little guys started getting bigger and bigger and wanting to game too.

Now I’m responsible for the everything day to day. Dad this, dad that. Cook this, buy that. “I’m hungry!”, “Look at me dad!!”. Thank hell I’m way past the poopy diaper stage, now I can sit down and swap the ps4 controllers and digitally beat the little buggers into submission. There is no better feeling that playing Tekken 7 with my 7 year old and completely destroying him. More on that another time.

I used to be the only gamer in the household and thus the games I played were a reflection of a mature action gamer and an avid rpg tabletop player. I’m going to get back to talking about RPG/tabletop at another time (its been alot longer for that). For now I am fortunate that video games are fast and easy to pick up and set down. As my kids integrated onto my console system (Ps4) the library of kids games like Minecraft and Lego games grew and my playtime rapidly decreased. There has been a game or two which managed to get some playtime from both me and my oldest kid (Star Wars: Battlefront for example) but for the most part I have adapted to being a “single parent gamer” by switching to mobile gaming so my kids can occupy my home console system.

Some games I’ve purchased have barely gotten any play at all even though they are continuations of previous favorites. I think I got as far as the Deathclaw stuck in the abandoned church on Fallout 4 before that one fell by the wayside. My FarCry 4 campaign hasn’t seen play in well over a year. Unless you count my 4 year old driving around on a quad and car jacking civilians or attacking honey badgers and elephants and getting destroyed.

For better than 2 years now I have turned my smartphone into my main gaming console and developed a very committed/addicted account on Marvel: Contest of Champions. Tap-tap-tapping and swiping my way to rank rewards and new arena champs to bolster my account. Now I can manage my gaming time anytime, anywhere, especially on the shitter* when I lock the door behind me in a promise of privacy from the little attention craving heathens I have called kids. Note* not all canadians use the word “shitter” to describe their washroom.

Between mobile games and the occasional “daddy-games” time on my ps4 I haven’t put too much into anything overly fantastic. This being said thats not to say I’m not looking forward to some games that are announced to be released over the next year or more. There are some pretty sweet games I plan on making time for when they release.

The first is the new Call of Duty world war 2 game that I have heard is waiting in the wings over at Activision. It will be nice to finally get a new and grounded COD game. I have had enough of this exosuit jumping and wall-running horseshit of the current COD games. Give me a rifle with a scope or ironsights to kill nazis with any day. Take my money!!

A couple of the other games I am looking forward to are a long way off from release from what I can tell and both share the apocalyptic zombie action theme. The new Overkill Walking Dead game seems like its gonna be the one for me, but also Days Gone looks like its gonna be something pretty crazy and bares so much resemblance to my favorite series The Last of Us.

As these games come out I promise to be right there at release, playing, reviewing and delving into them for any who have interest. If I come across any relevant topics to them I will likely be picking them apart right here for you.

I’m happy to be back! Game on!

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Bio: So many things. All the things. Honestly, I dont have time for things. Comics, RPG and tabletop games, video games, movies and the pop-culture favorites, whiskey, fishing, golf, heavy music, hating all the things you love, humor, being your punching bag, long walks on the beach, liberating lawn gnomes, etc, etc... I have two little mini-me's that occupy 99% of my time and all the things above occupy the other 1%